30 Second Mom – Mei Marcie: 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Newborn Baby’s Delicate Skin

2) Don’t over-wash – See poop and think Baby is dirty? Yes, the poop needs to be wiped off, but avoid over-washing or over-showering Baby. Don’t use wet wipes on Baby’s face. 3) Never rub dry – Rubbing dry strips moisture, so pat dry instead. 4) Avoid harsh ingredients because Baby has sensitive skin. 5) Avoid too much sun – With less pigment cells, babies get sunburned easily.

Is the Office Making Your Skin Older? / SkinBetter

Artificial heating in offices and variable temperatures can wreck havoc on the moisture content of your skin. Incorporate a glycolic acid containing product into your skin-care regime to help ward off skin dryness and boost elasticity. 5. Remember to eat fruits high in antioxidants, like berries, apples or pomegranates (antioxidants offer your skin protection from free-radicals), These and similar foods also keep your appetite at bay and fight temptation to snack on less healthy choices. Topical products containing antioxidants are also very helpful in fighting free-radicals induced by environmental exposure. 6.


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